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OFS has been operating in PNG since 1992 and we are specialists in working within this exceptionally unique and challenging country, being renowned for our practical local and regional knowledge, including setting up frontier camps, delivering excellent catering services to hundreds of staff, providing trades, maintenance and technical staff in support of ongoing operations to building larger camps, drill site civil works, preparation and associated infrastructure. Our capabilities are strengthened by owning all the assets used to deliver our clients requirements. With an aviation and shipping division amongst the group, we offer safe, fast, flexible and reliable solutions. All key OFS field staff speak, read and write fluent Melanesian 'tokpisin', have a thorough understanding of traditional PNG culture and law and are highly trained at working and negotiating PNG’s unique cultural landscape, ensuring that operations are not complicated by cultural issues.

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When experience counts our history speaks for itself. We are as comfortable managing a 10 man fly camp as we are a 2000 man permanent facility, with all the relevant systems, processes and people to do so. Whether it be a temporary facility such as a construction camp or a remote oil and gas drilling camp, we can put together a team with the right experience to maximise its potential.

Our key asset we can offer you are our people, with over 800 full time and 1200 part time employees, we have the depth of knowledge, local experience and skills to deliver cost effective solutions. Qualified catering teams; skilled maintenance tradespeople; dedicated back-of-house cleaning and janitorial crews - all managed by competent accomplished camp managers who can bring a team together. We are also a registered training organisation in PNG with established relationships to other training organisations in Australia, as training is paramount to our business ethic - we invest in our people.

Highly progressed systems are critical to the success of Oilmin. Identifying critical control points and managing them in detail is paramount. Being a complete logistics solution we have complete control, from purchasing to the plate.

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A snapshot of our Camp Management and Catering systems include;

  • OFS Safety Management System
  • Comprehensive Policies and Procedures
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance
  • HACCP Food Safety Certified
  • Warehouse Management Inventory System.
  • Menu Base Stock Ordering Systems
  • Accommodation Management System
  • Maintenance Management System


Our Professional and dedicated personnel include:

  • Safety officers
  • Camp Managers
  • Catering Managers
  • Qualified Chefs & Cooks
  • Experienced Warehouse personnel
  • Janitorial
  • Maintenance crews


Integrated Supply Chain

OFS, along with the other divisions of OMHL, provide an integrated supply chain and procurement and expediting system that enables much greater control over the purchasing and supply process than would normally be the case throughout the region. Our organisation and assets enable us to meet the challenges of providing the full range of services to meet your needs.

Key factors to the success of the OFS supply chain is;

  • Large warehousing facilities in key areas around the country giving the benefit of easy distribution of goods.
  • All meat (excluding poultry) is purchased through the OM Meat factory which provides high quality Australian meats and smallgoods. Stock is readily available through.
  • OM Wholesale imports paper goods, chemicals and dry goods. These goods are stored at both Mt Hagen and Port Moresby warehouses.


OFS strives to maintain an accident free work environment, notwithstanding that we operate under harsh and unforgiving conditions requiring extreme care, forethought, and skill. Papua New Guinea’s physical and social environment is of special significance to our company and we pledge to complete our client’s field operations with the minimum possible disruption to the environment, and to ensure that all involved will be welcomed back by the communities we work with.

We have the health, safety and environment expertise to achieve our client’s goals, through compliance with, and placement of, effective management endorsed;

  • HSE Management Systems
  • Management of Risk Processes
  • HS&E, Job Specific and appropriate Training Programs
  • Procedures, Work Instructions and Contractual compliances for all staff, contractor, subcontractors, clients and client groups with Oilmin’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy and Procedures
  • Strategies for compliance with external HS&E standards and Regulations.

The ultimate goal is to prevent all work related injuries or illnesses and to avoid damage to the environment through thorough and proactive practices.